Zadar is a town with an extraordinary history of more than three thousand years and with a priceless historic and cultural heritage. Situated at the heart of the eastern Adriatic coast, Zadar is one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations. The London called it the centre of entertainment on the Adriatic, and for the Guardian it is the new Croatian capital of cool. It will capture you with its special atmosphere and vivacity – by day as well as by night.

In summer Zadar hosts a number of events such as the Music Evenings at St. Donat’s, the Zadar Summer Theatre Festival, the Modern Music Festival, the KalelargArt Street Art Festival, and the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre. Other attractions and entertaining events include the Night of the Full Moon, the Millennium Jump and performances by many famous international musicians.

Zadar is specifically and irresistibly attractive for lovers of historic and cultural monuments. A walk along its streets with their polished flagging is a walk through history but also an experience of modern living.

Zadar is town of ancient roots with the largest explored Roman forum on the eastern Adriatic coast and magnificent Romanesque churches such as the cathedral of St. Anastasia, the church of St. Chrysogonus and the famous church of St. Donatus. Zadar also boasts a wealth of collections, libraries and archives – and the fact that the oldest Croatian university was founded here in 1396. The town is indeed a story about the rich history of Croatia’s cultural identity.

In modern times Zadar has also become famous, among other things, for the architectural wonder of the Zadar seafront, the Riva – the sea organ.

Zadar is a destination easily accessible either by land of by air. Thanks to its excellent traffic infrastructure it is connected directly with other major cities in the Republic of Croatia – Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik. Its many marinas also offer outstanding facilities and state of the art services.

Whatever the route of your arrival at Zadar, the beauty of its landscapes will not leave you indifferent. The passenger harbour and the new tourist harbour for cruisers are situated in the old part of the town, the so-called Peninsula, and make the putting ashore in Zadar by boat or ferry-boat a breathtaking experience because of the magnificent view of the town.

Through its small but modern international airport (9 km from the town centre) Zadar is connected with all major Croatian cities and some European capitals. The drive to Zagreb, Rijeka or Split takes only a couple of hours along the modern expressways.

The very indented coast and unspoiled nature lure many boaters to the area. The archipelago comprising 24 larger islands and 300 islets, three nature parks - Telašćica, Velebit and Lake Vrana, and five national parks – Paklenica, Plitice, Kornati, Krka and Northern Velebit, make Zadar a prime tourist destination About forty years ago Alfred Hitchcock referred to Zadar as the place with “the most beautiful sunset in the world”. His opinion is shared by many tourists enjoying the embrace of the sea, the setting sun, the sky, the sound of the world-famous Sea Organ and the magic light of the new urban installation, the Salute to the Sun.

Worthwhile monuments/attractions

Church of St. Donatus
Cathedral of St. Anastasia/the bell tower
Church and nunnery of St. Mary
The Gold and Silver of Zadar
Church and monastery of St. Francis / Art Collection
Church of St. Simeon
Church of St. Chrysogonus
Ancient Glass Museum
Archaeological Museum
Sea Organ
Salute to the Sun
National Square
Five Well Square
Foša Harbour
Riva / Sunset
Town market