Avvantura Festival Film Forum Zadar 2013.

24 – 30 August 2013

Zadar has also put itself on the international cultural creation map through film, though the many eminent personalities from the world of the seventh art attending the Zadar Film Forum. The numerous audiences flocking to the Festival film projections and programmes have the unique opportunity to enjoy film art and mixing at different locations in the historic core of Zadar, which becomes a vast outdoor cinema during the Festival.

Fifty-third Music Evenings in St. Donat’s


5 July – 15 August 2013. St. Donat

International music festival.

The church of St. Donat is the most recognizable cultural monument in Zadar. Its magnificence and impressive acoustics are the reason why it has been chosen to host this festival of classical music. The Music Evenings in St. Donat’s feature concerts of music focused on mediaeval, Renaissance and early Baroque music. However, the programme also includes music of the classicism and romantic periods, and modern works of Croatian and international composers. Close you eyes, take a deep breath and surrender to music and its relaxing power.

Nineteenth Summer Theatre Festival/Modern Music Festival


Zadar, 28 June – 2 August 2013.

The historic buildings of Zadar that have enchanted the visitors to the Adriatic coast for centuries provide the setting for this traditional summer event which will provide a special cultural contribution to your summer vacation. During the Festival audiences can enjoy a play one day and a performance by famous musicians a day later.

Carlos Santana/Summer Show In Zadar

29 July 2013. Jazine, parking lot.

Friends of the Sea

Photography Exhibition

Zadar, riva, 5-12 July 2013.

The great croatian photographers of the nineteen-fifties.

Let Us Thank Our Mothers

City lodge of the zadar national museum.

17 september – 1 december 2013.

Ivan Meštrović in the City Lodge

Exhibition of sculptures and drawings on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of Meštrović’s birth.