Dalmatia is ideal for biking or hiking tours. Sukošan has a new jogging trail, while the region and the islands offer numerous cycling and trekking routes for discovering the indescribable beauties of the region.

Long walks and cycling by the sea during unforgettable sunsets are a special experience. Our bicycles are at your disposal.

The sea is an endless source of delights and activities such as diving, sailing and surfing. Thanks to the extraordinarily indented coast with more than two hundred islands and islets strung out like pearls in the crystal blue sea, numerous straits, channels and bays, and highly agreeable climate, the Zadar archipelago is a unique paradise for all nautical activities, for sailing with full sails to motorboat cruises. If you embark on this dreamlike nautical adventure and pay a visit to the islands don’t miss the divine gastronomic experiences in the restaurants and small taverns in the attractive small harbours which still cultivate old customs and traditional Mediterranean leisure.

Diving is another sea delight. Experienced divers can look for attractions such as endemic Adriatic plants and animals or sunken ancient Roman galleys. Diving courses and schools are organized for beginners.

And for all those seeking excitement there are in the immediate area opportunities for pursuing high-adrenaline extreme sports like free climbing, mountain running and mountain biking, and cave exploration. On the river Zrmanja you can enjoy canoeing and rafting.